Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Skaters of Long Bay City

Other recovered photos of some of the various skaters around.

Gint Comics - the Rainbow Pill Man

You kids, stay off drugs now, you hear? :)

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Gint Comics - Big Kul

Gint Skate Competitions

Gint used to have som fun skate-competitions, where they had judges and scored tricks and style. Roadtrips, and it's own Team.

The first GINT t-shirts

Gint Comics - f o n t

Designer-humor is a weird niche.

Gint Comics -story 2002

There is nothing like a story about nothing.

Gint Comics-Pimp

Pimp is a kind of non-brand Popsicle that comes in three colors. yellow, brown and pink. A childhood, and still- favorite.